UBS Graduates have pledged to get active and healthy this month, and will donate to the Activity Jar when they miss their daily exercise or healthy eating targets! 

How it works 

1. Commit to be active and give up unhealthy food every day in May. Keep track of each day you:  

  • Don’t spend at least 30 minutes being active – walking, running, cycling or anything that gets you moving and away from you desk!  
  • Eat or drink something unhealthy  fried food, takeaways, chocolate, crisps, sugary drinks, wine, beer etc. 

2. For each day you aren’t active, and for each item of unhealthy food or drink you consume, donate £1 to the Activity Jar using the 'Donate' button above. If it’s easier for you, you can keep count of how much you need to donate each week and simply donate the total at the end of each week. 

3. You can cap your donations at a maximum of £10 per week – we know some weeks it’s hard to be as good as you want to be!

The difference you’ll make 

Through your donations, you will support SportInspired to impact thousands of young lives across the UK, helping children in deprived areas to find and take up a sport they enjoy to overcome the mental and physical health effects of lockdown.