An American Abroad

December 11, 2015

Once again SportInspired managed to get some fantastic interns from the USA. One of them was Clayre Sorenson. Clayre was with us for 3 months and delighted to share her experiences with us. Here is what she thought of being an Intern at SportInspired.


The thought of interning with a company in a foreign country can, just at the thought, be quite intimidating. However, after spending these past 3 months at SportInspired, I can easily say that this internship has been one of the best parts of my Study Abroad experience. Never did I think that it could be so rewarding.

My first day interning at SportInspired, I was warmly welcomed by the staff with friendly hellos and kind smiles. Everyone was so inviting! Over these past 3 months, they have really made an effort to get to know the true me. I have been able to form some truly wonderful relationships with my co-workers. Whether it’s doing loads of research for new possible contacts or cracking jokes about who is going to dominate in an after-work game of ping pong (Trust me: it’s unbelievably competitive), the atmosphere at SportInspired has been nothing but fun and enjoyable 100% of the time! Whether it is work-related or not, I knew I could always go to them for anything – especially as my go-to travel gurus, because let’s be serious: what country has Harry NOT visited?

It wasn’t until my first SportInspired Games that I was really able to grasp what is it that SportInspired is all about. My first thought: WOW – How incredible! To see the non-stop laughter and smiles spread across every kid’s face really just says it all – it was so infectious! As I was talking and playing with the kids, I could see pure joy and excitement in their eyes and radiate out from inside them. I could feel their enthusiasm as they moved from sport to sport, trying to decide which one was their favorite. The Games made me feel like a kid again! When the kids found out ALL of them were going home with a medal – it was as if Christmas came a day early! They were so unbelievably happy and truly proud of themselves and what all they accomplished that day. At that moment, I could tell the impact that SportInspired has on thousands of children each year. Sport is such a powerful thing. To be able to continue this enthusiasm and love these kids have for sport may only be a dream for some – but SportInspired… They’re making these dreams come true.

The passion that flows throughout SportInspired is something so inspiring. You can see how much everyone truly cares about making a difference in these children’s lives and truly believes in the message behind SportInspired. The people that make SportInspired what it is today are the true heroes – people that I proudly look up to. I can say I truly feel honored to have be a part of this SportInspired team and am sad that it has to come to an end.

So thank you, SportInspired, for this unbelievable opportunity to work for you and for the wonderful friendships made along the way. From the beginning, I have felt a part of the team, a part of the SportInspired Family. I knew that even though I was over 4,000 miles away from my own family, I could always count on having my SportInspired Family supporting me every step of the way. Thank you for the laughs, the memories, and the happiness – not only speaking on behalf of myself, but also from all the young lives that you have and will continue to touch. It’s such a great feeling to be SportInspired!

Clayre Sorenson, 2015 SportInspired Intern

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