Delivering the Société Générale Games in Newham at the Copperbox in the Olympic Park

December 19, 2017

Newham – a special place for SportInspired

Our team has previously run three successful programmes in Newham, reaching over 800 children from 10 primary schools, over 60 students from 1 secondary school and 9 local sports providers.

We are very happy to have a new partner who shares the same values as us – a warm ‘Welcome on board’ to Société Générale !

We had fantastic support from Société Générale (SocGen) in delivering this year’s programme – more than 25 volunteers were involved in the festival, supporting numerous children in their search for a sport they love, helping them become more confident, and working alongside the young leaders to develop their leadership and event management skills. Everyone involved had a fantastic time.

The Société Générale Festival‘ in brief:

  • 180 primary school children from 4 schools
  • 48 young leaders from School 21
  • 6 sports clubs (dance, boccia, boxing, handball, tennis, basketball)

We are delighted to see how our young leaders are growing, becoming more aware of their potential and more confident in their abilities.  93.3 % of the students involved in our Société Générale programme were, as a result of the training and experience they’ve received, more able to communicate with younger students, have improved leadership skills and feel confident in dealing and solving problems.

Meet Ava, one of our young leaders.


Ava is 13 and has participated in the Young Leader Programme through the partnership between SportInspired and School 21. At the Société Générale Games 2017, Ava led a group of young people alongside a SocGen volunteer, and made an amazing impression.

‘She was a super leader and took charge the moment she got there, making sure all the kids had a terrific time!’ – SocGen volunteer working with her

One big happy team

Meet Louise Hayes, physical education professor, School 21 and WATCH A VIDEO OF LOUISE’S IMPRESSIONS OF THE DAY!

Here at SportInspired, we like to think of ourselves as one great big team  – us, our partners, the students, the schools and the teachers, all working together towards a common goal.

Seeing the teachers get so involved is particularly awesome; their enthusiasm and energy is just incredible.

It’s not just about the Festival…

We are continuing to deliver the behaviour change that we kickstarted with this Festival. Our programs are a stepping stone to happier and healthier lifestyles for children and we will continue to deliver these changes after the festival is over – during our 10-week Legacy phase.

Our next steps:

  • Consolidating the behaviour change during Legacy: We will deliver up to 10 weeks of sports club provision for each primary school involved, funded by SocGen
  • Delivering sustainable results by handing the reins over to the young leaders: We aspire to have a second festival, planned exclusively by a select group of young leaders from School 21

And a massive thank you to the SocGen volunteers! You’ve been amazing!




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