Interns from around the world

June 15, 2016

Just as our Games are diverse in the use of different sports and various means to ensure the day is a smashing success for all involved, so too is the SportInspired intern staff. The places we call home stretch from across the Atlantic Ocean to mainland Europe, so why not get to know us a little more? You’ve seen us from time to time at events across the UK, running around as we give reign to the sport-loving kid inside of us, so here’s a little about the people behind the collared shirts …

Jordan Guskey

  • From: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
  • Role: Marketing Intern
  • Why SportInspired: I grew up loving sports and appreciating firsthand how important volunteering in my local community is, so when the opportunity arose to work at a place like this I just couldn’t pass it up.
  • Notable experience so far: My second day on the job I was out at an event at The Copper Box Arena in Olympic Park. My first SportInspired Games was amazing and I can’t speak enough about how incredible an area it was for the Games to take place.
  • Fun Fact: I’ve spent much of my life growing up in America but this isn’t the first time I’ve crossed an ocean for a period of time. I spent three years of my childhood growing up in Japan and have taken trips to China, Australia and more. You know what? Sport truly does transcend cultural differences.

Roman Goldstein

  • From: Cannes, France
  • Role: Marketing Intern
  • Why SportInspired: I was looking for an internship that could help me improve some of my professional skills related to marketing and communications, but wanted an employer who understood the importance of giving back to society and gave me the opportunity to meet a diverse group of people.
  • Notable experience so far: I took part in my first Games this past week and watching the 150-plus kids, some with disabilities, I smile remembering how the other children did their best to help their classmates move past their disabilities and take part in all the activities. It was great to see a team with children with disabilities win the “team-spirit” trophy and see the joy on their faces. As someone who’s never really been present for moments with kids like this, it’s something I’ll never forget.
  • Fun Fact: I have the worst luck watching a football game, or any sporting event really. If I need to get up to go do something real quick you can be sure there’ll be a goal or some hugely significant moment.

Michael Balabanov

  • From: Munich, Germany
  • Role: Finance Intern
  • Why SportInspired: This internship makes possible my desire to give something back to the community. Watching the children enjoy themselves, gain confidence and self-esteem and improve their skills with teamwork and communication represents the pinnacle of all my work at SportInspired.
  • Notable experience so far: Already I’ve had the opportunity to help out at a SportInspired Games Festival where the competitors were a mix of children aged seven to nine with and without disabilities. They were able to try out 6 different sports like wheelchair-basketball, football and cycling, and throughout the day it was amazing to see the impact sports can have on children’s lives as their faces lit up with big smiles.
  • Fun Fact: A fun thing about me is I am a ski instructor and have been teaching kids for three years. It’s been a great experience for me so far. Kids learn best when they are having fun, it makes learning easier and more natural.

Tre-Jordan Smith

  • From: London, United Kingdom
  • Role: Finance Intern
  • Why SportInspired: It was a great opportunity to learn new skills and meet new people all while doing something great for the community. I have learned so much by having first hand experience in the finance role and it’s great to know that your efforts are contributing to an overall greater cause.
  • Notable experience so far: One thing I found quite fun during the festivals was blowing the loud horn to let everyone know when it is time to change games. It’s quite amusing how all the hustle and bustle in the room suddenly stops and everyone turns to look at you, quite startling actually!
  • Fun Fact: I love listening to all types of music and a hobby of mine is making my own songs.

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