Joining the SportInspired family

July 20, 2015

Here at SportInspired, we have interns from many different places and backgrounds. For a few months we were lucky enough to have an American student on board, Chris Ferrucci. Chris wanted to share his experiences of what life was like at SportInspired:

I recently returned home last month from a study abroad programme in London, and I have had quite a bit of time to think and reflect upon my experience. This trip has changed my perspective on traveling, people, and culture and has allowed me to make lifelong friends in the process.

As all other new interns are, I was fairly nervous on my first day of work at SportInspired. I walked into the office in a suit and tie, and quickly noticed a group of kind and warm people joking about and inviting me in. The atmosphere in the office was great; everyone was extremely welcoming and made me feel right at home. The next few weeks were great, and allowed me to get to know the other workers and interns of SportInspired. On top of our usual workload, we would always talk about differences and similarities between our respective countries, sports, and even suggestions on places that I should visit (thank you Calum, Harry, Rich, and Felix).

Much like every other SportInspired intern, I did not truly understand why I was there until I visited a SportInspired Games. These events are a truly wonderful experience; if anyone reading this has not attended a SportInspired festival, then they are truly missing out. These Games allow individuals to give back to local communities and to help build up children for real world success. These kids get to feel appreciated and treated like sports heroes, while the adults have the privilege of making a positive and memorable impact on these young peoples’ lives. What’s not to love?

The team at SportInspired are so incredibly good at what they do, as well as devoted to the cause of enriching children’s lives. Everyone works long hours in order to ensure the best day possible for each event, and to ensure that each child leaves the Games with a smile on their face and a feeling of confidence. I truly loved my time spent with SportInspired because I felt like a member of this family since my first day on the job. I was able to be a kid again and to help children harness the power and positivity of sports. To all of my coworkers and friends that helped me realize the power of sport (Rich, Anna, Derek, Felix, Kat, Calum, Harry, Max, Forrest, Lindsey, Peter, and Pete): you are the best.

Thank you SportInspired; the happiness that you create is truly immeasurable.

Chris Ferrucci, Former SportInspired Intern

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