My Internship Abroad…

August 17, 2015

After my return back home to Bochum (Germany) I had some time to reflect about my previous 3 months with SportInspired in London and to write this report based on my experiences during my time as a SportInspired Intern.

I first got in touch with SportInspired when I decided to do an internship after my exchange semester in London and checked the website of my exchange university. After sending in my application and successfully getting through a telephone interview and a second job interview, I was offered a three-month summer placement.

I first expected it to be a mere office job but already in the telephone interview it was explained to me the different facets of SportInspired and the possibility for me to contribute as well towards festival delivery.

As probably most new interns are, I was a bit nervous on the day of my job interview as well as on my first day of work. But this nervousness disappeared quickly after I entered the office with a very inviting and welcoming atmosphere. I quickly got to know the entire SportInspired staff, who created this inviting atmosphere with their kind personalities and with whom it was great fun to work with during these three months. Special thanks to Harry, who brought a bit Dutch/German in the office by introducing “Dankeschön” and “Gesundheit” to everyone, to Calum, the best internship programme director I could have asked for, and as well to Charles (Chip) for supporting me within the last two months with every financial, bookkeeping and accounting issue.

Because of this tremendously good atmosphere, even the office days were good fun but definitely my highlights of this internship were the SportInspired festivals. I guess I did not completely understand what SportInspired was about before I helped out at one of the SportInspired Games. These Games, sponsored by quite big companies, allow everyone involved to give back to local communities and tries to tackle social problems like anti-social behaviour, obesity and apathy. Watching the involved children enjoying themselves, gaining confidence, self-esteem and improving teamwork and communication was for me the pinnacle of all my work at SportInspired.

Concluding, I have to admit that I cannot think of a better way I could’ve spent my summer than working as an intern at SportInspired. The passion and enthusiasm everyone there puts into their daily work and seeing children, volunteers, SportInspired staff and sport coaches leaving the SportInspired Games with a big smile on their face, made this an incredibly good experience for me.

I would definitely recommend anyone looking for a work placement in a young start-up charity to consider SportInspired.

Thank you SportInspired for the best internship I could have asked for.
Maximilian Axnick, Former SportInspired Intern

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