Selwood Housing & SportInspired: Our partnership

November 19, 2015

Selwood Housing and SportInspired joined forces earlier this year to support the communities in which Selwood work, to develop skills and activity levels, whilst bringing their own employees together to get to know their residents’ communities.

The project involved nearly 400 primary school children and 40 ‘young leaders’ from local secondary schools, being mentored and coached by Selwood Housing staff and 6 local sports clubs. It launched with an inspirational and inclusive multi-sport festival in June 2015, which raised awareness of the opportunities available for young people locally, as well as giving them access to role models through Selwood Housing staff and local sports coaches, to inspire them to continue being active. As a result, even the least sporty and confident children found a sport they could connect with. You can find the local press coverage of the festival here.

“Great to see Selwood Group staff engaging so well with the children. So many smiling faces and a really good experience” – Donna Bailey, Selwood Housing

After the sports festivals, the Legacy Programme began, to ensure longevity in the Selwood communities. This means a series of workshops with the children, to continue to build their confidence and knowledge of local clubs, setting up new clubs where there are gaps (8 have been established to date) and ensuring new relationships bloom between Selwood, schools, clubs and the local authority.

Feedback to date has shown:

  • Teachers report increased team work and communication skills in the children
  • Children rate their enjoyment of the programme at an average of 9.5/10
  • 8 new clubs have been set up across 8 schools in Trowbridge and Melksham
  • 10 other local programmes have been promoted to a large audience in the communities
  • 90% of Young Leaders and Selwood volunteers report developing leadership and communication skills

In 2016, the programme will be developed to engage more of Selwood’s tenants and increase reach and impact within their communities.

‘That is the best community-building programme we have taken part in. The activities have been fantastic and every single one of our kids was engaged constantly throughout. The Selwood Housing Volunteers made such a difference.” – Jonathon Watkins, Aloeric Primary School.

If you would like to discuss, please contact Anna Springbett from SportInspired:

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