Venture Out: Finding Yourself with SportInspired

August 15, 2017

by Tiffany Banks, SportInspired Intern, Summer 2017

The American poet, E.E. Cummings, stood correct when he lyrically stated, “For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), It’s always our self we find in the sea.” This summer I literally travelled over 4000 miles across the North Atlantic Ocean and decided to gain unique work experience doing an internship in London. I had the pleasure of working with Richard Raynes and his enthusiastic team at SportInspired. There’s not much in the world that changes a person’s life, but I can truly say SportInspired has changed mine and is continually changing the lives of those around us.

My internship with SportInspired has been far more than what I expected, from the workplace, to my relationship with the staff and even my job responsibilities. On the first day, I got a warm welcome from the team and an introduction to what SportInspired is all about. Immediately, I could see the passion this team had for the organisation and their job. When working for a charity, there has to be something more than money that drive you to perform substantially. Before I knew it, I gained that same passion.

Now I’m going to try my hardest to give my insight on the part of my internship that had the largest impact on me: The SportInspired Festivals. Imagine yourself in a huge hall. What do you see? Over two hundred children with the brightest smiles on their faces and excitement propelling through their mouths and eyes. What do you hear? The vigorous voices of kids literally trying to outcheer everyone in the room. Best of all, what do you feel? A rush of energy that exceedingly expels from every child, every sport provider, and of course every SportInspired team member. The feeling is like no other and you can physically feel the changes you are making in these kids’ lives.

SportInspired is a charity that helps one find themselves. An organisation that helps individuals find the sport that calls to them and that they can develop a passion for. I’ve never felt so impactful and tied to a community before interning at SportInspired. SportInspired helped me to find a side of me that I will never lose. A side that will continue to help those around me so that I can see, hear and feel that amazing, fulfilling sensation I got each day I worked for SportInspired.

Tiffany Banks

Tiffany Banks, SportInspired Intern, Summer 2017

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