This Chistmas we want to give 500 children and 50 parents living in the UK's most deprived communities the gift of living healthy happy lives.

In the UK, 4.1 million children live in poverty, facing an uphill struggle to live healthy, happy lives. The wellbeing of these children, a fundamental human right, is compromised. Children growing up in poverty are three times more likely to suffer mental health issues and twice as likely to face obesity than their more affluent peers. Inactivity can lead to a lack of confidence, depleted sense of purpose and can often drive anti-social behaviour. You can give the gift of health and happiness to the children who need it most this Christmas.

Your gift will be supporting children like "Sam" - Sam is 8 and lives in one of London's most deprived communities, Tower Hamlets. The barriers Sam faces to accessing sport are real. His parents can't afford class fee's, kit or transport meaning Sam has never been able to reap the benefits of being active. Sam is disengaged with school, lacks confidence and has few positive adult role models. With your support we can help overcome these barriers and give Sam the tools to live a happy, health life.