I. Effective engagement with local communities – realising real benefits from your Corporate Responsibility programmes The provision of evidence that shows measurable, positive impact upon a local audience, e.g., youth leadership opportunities, increased community sports club profile / membership, stronger community relationships between youth organisations and other stakeholders
II. Helping businesses to benefit from a more healthy, active workforce Number of adult volunteers who actively participate in sport

Number of adult volunteers who report being inspired to take up sport/more sport
III. Private sector employee volunteers will take part in a fun event, boosting staff morale and promoting team work Employee volunteers report a positive buzz at work after the event

Employee volunteers report a sense of contribution and achievement
IV. Opportunities for junior staff to improve their project management and communication skills Number of employee volunteers who have taken part in the event design and community engagement necessary to deliver a Community Games
V. Opportunities for local businesses to promote themselves and increase their profile to a local audience Number of local businesses with a presence at the Games
VI. Private sector employees gain a sense of connection to the local communities in which they work Number of employee volunteers who report a deeper sense of understanding of the issues faced by communities in which the Games are held