We understand that for children to sustain healthy behaviours it is important these activities are supported at home with their families.

Inactive children become inactive adults, where a sedentary lifestyle has been normalised. This then filters down through generations compounding an ongoing cycle of inactivity.

Beyond helping children to be active, our model is now showing the potential it has to be a strong platform from which to engage entire families in meaningful activity.

Thanks to support from Sport England we are evolving our offer to bring families together through sport improving outcomes across multiple generations.

In 2019 we launched a new, pioneering partnership with Sport England which includes a focus on getting families active together.   

UNITED BY FUN will enable us to drive long term, sustainable change for children and young people by creating the right conditions at home to facilitate active lives.   

The project has enabled us to expand our team, bringing on a Family Manager dedicated to finding the best way to get families active together, enjoying it and sustaining it.

“We are delighted that Sport England has enabled us to focus on getting families active together. Children and young people need a supporting environment to help them get and stay active. We can now push the boundaries of family intervention to pave the way for a new movement to move, for everyone!” 

Richard Raynes, CEO SportInspired