Meet Frankie - A young 8 year old boy from Edinburgh, Scotland. Shy, timid, and insecure, Frankie struggled to muster up the courage to really give sports a try. However, when Frankie arrived to the SportInspired Games he was welcomed into an atmosphere of enthusiasm, possibility, encouragement, and most importantly FUN! Today was the day that Frankie could finally throw away his insecurities and open his mind to all the opportunities that sports have to offer. 

Frankie decided to step foot onto the trampoline, not knowing how this one moment would change his life forever. From his experience at the Games, Frankie fell in love with the trampoline. He immediately joined a local Trampolining club, Edinburgh Spirals, as he was eager to continue a sport that gave him confidence, motivation, and a feeling of self-worth.

“Frankie has already started to improve technique, learn new skills and routines and is improving in general physical fitness. He is gaining in confidence about his own abilities. We expect him to improve steadily and be able to perform good routines in Scottish Gymnastics competitions next year.” Anna, coach at Edinburgh Spirals

One year later, Frankie returned to the SportInspired Games to celebrate all of his achievements and ways that sport has impacted his life. He has made new friends and has found something in his life that motivates him and is truly fulfilling. As Frankie performed a trampoline routine as the entertainment for the Games, he showed other students how sports really can forever change their lives. 

“You never know what’s going to happen. Say you’re just a kid who gets bullied or something, and you go to a sports club for a couple of years, or 20 years. Then you do really well! You can look back over the past and think ‘I didn’t like that then’ or ‘I was scared to try that’, but then ‘I went for it and it paid off’! Frankie, aged 9

Congratulations Frankie! We’re so proud of you!