Frankie was a victim of bullying at school. His early school years had left him insecure, shy and lacking in confidence which impacted his social life, family life and education. He had never been able to engage in the sports offered at school which deepened his sense of exclusion.

When he was 8, Frankie joined a SportInspired programme in Edinburgh. Helped by SportInspired Young Leaders and volunteers he was able to focus on having fun rather than competing with the other kids. Inspired, he tried lots of different sports including fencing and trampolining.

He surprised himself by showing incredible skill on the Trampoline and his confidence grew throughout the event. Inspired to do more, Frankie took up Trampolining at the local club he’d been introduced to and immediately made new friends, gained confidence and a feeling of self-worth he had never had before.

Frankie says "You never know what's going to happen. Say you're just a kid who gets bullied or something, and you go to a sports club, then you do really well! You can look back over the past and think 'I was scared to try that, but then I went for it and it paid off'."