There exists in Asturias (Northern Spain), in the middle of the Sierra del Aramo, in the municipality of Riosa, around 15km from Oviedo, a mountain whose road is barely marked on maps because it is a cattle road that was only recently paved”.  Since its discovery in 1996 this mountain has been used eight times in the Grand Cycling Tour of Spain (La Vuelta).

 Nowadays there is a sign near the beginning of the mountain climb stating that Alto de l'Angliru is "The Mount Olympus of Cycling."  

 What the professionals have said:

 "We are not animals and this is inhuman" David Millar

 “It's hell” Gilberto Simoni

 "What do they want? Blood?" manager of a Spanish professional cycling team

 “The hardest mountain I have ever climbed” Alberto Contador

 "What's the point of riding up a mountain that it'd be quicker to go up by foot?" Marzio Bruseghin

 It is considered the hardest bike climb to be featured in any of the three Grand Tours.

 In simple figures Angliru is only 12.5km long, gaining 1261m in elevation. However it consists of steep gradients pretty much unheard of anywhere else, multiple ramps over 20%, one hitting 24% and one kilometre averaging over 17% in gradient. 

 As a keen cyclist this mountain climb has been on my mind for a while so much so that this year I have decided to see if I can actually make it to the top! Weather permitting I plan to jump on my bike on either the 20th or 21st May. 

 I have decided to combine my ambition with a fundraise for a very worthy cause. For 12 years SportInspired has been working directly with children and young people from the UK’s most deprived communities, those that fall in to the highest 20% of deprivation. These children and young people are already 3x more likely to experience mental health issues than their more affluent peers, their chances of obesity are doubled by age 11 and unemployment prospects are high. Some of you will have already participated at the sports festivals they hold, the experience for me was very humbling and sport is always a way to bring people together to have fun.

I would be extremely grateful for any contributions using the link below. The first £2000 of donations will be matched £1 for £1 so please do try to donate as generously as you can. 

Thanks a lot


Neale Marvin