Since 2008, UBS has united with SportInspired to tackle the consequences of poverty on children and young people in Hackney.
These communities have been among the hardest hit by Covid-19 with the borough suffering the third highest death rate in the country in May.

Even before Covid-19 struck, the children of Hackney were up against it with 36% of people living in poverty, the third highest rate in London. Children growing up in poverty are three times as likely to experience mental health issues than their more affluent peers and their chances of obesity are doubled by age 11.

A recent YoungMinds study showed that 83% of young people are reporting a deterioration in their mental  wellbeing as a result of coronavirus, with social isolation & loss of routine as the biggest factors.​

“I know it is a very scary time for people and some will be struggling with anxiety as well as the fact housing is so tightly packed. Most of our families live in very small flats, which will be crowded with everyone having to stay in.”

- Kathryn, Primary School Teacher

We have developed a range of innovative resources to help children and young people enjoy the benefits of physical activity during this
crisis. FitFun is a toolkit for key worker and vulnerable children remaining in schools as well as children and families staying indoors.

UBS recognises that sport has the power to tackle these issues. This fundraising page is dedicated to UBS employees who are raising funds so that children and young people in Hackney can access programmes that support their physical and mental wellbeing at this turbulent time.

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