Kirit Bharj CONFIRMED RUNNERS ( name | greatest sporting achievement | additional info)

1) Kirit Bharj | represented Brent at the 2006 London youth games in Tennis | Still thinks he can make it as a Tennis player despite not having a second serve.

2) Nicholas Georgihades | Multiple sporstman of the year awards in high school | Still open to semi-pro football contracts.

3) Teghpal Bharj | Sub 4 hour marathon | Apparently his marathon wasn't actually sub 4 hours... #blamethegarmin

4) Sarub Kalsi | Level 1 FA Coaching Qualification | Shifted 20kg+ of weight in less than 4 months earlier this year on a diet predominately consisting of chickpeas,beans, oats and eggs.

5) Amit Gami | Completed the 2016 London Marathon | Full Time Yoga teacher after dedicating a year learning authentic teachings in the heart of India

To celebrate Kirit and Nick turning 28, we will be running a charity 10k at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on Saturday 1st Feb 2019. Sport has played a huge part our lives and we wanted to do something that helps promote sports amongst the youth of today.

SportInspired are a charity organisaiton that work to get kids excited about and participating in sport. All funds raised will go to SportInspired and hopefully play a part in inspiring some kids to find a sport they love.

We'd love it if you would run with us!! Link to the event:


Kirit & Nick
Kirit Bharj