Stuck for workplace fundraising ideas? There are lots of different ways you can choose to raise some money at work.  Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

Fundraising Ideas

Dress down day - Take the tie off and charge people to have a dress down day; wear a onesie to work, don some fancy dress or ‘Go Green’ for a day and wear green wigs, T-shirts and anything else green.

Guinness World Record - Why not break a world record? Have you seen the records there are? Perhaps you could break the record for the number of strangers high-fived in a minute (21). Get friends, family or colleagues to donate for the chance to witness these strange record-breaking feats.

Stairway stepathonIf you work in a high-rise block ditch the lift and take the stairs. Get sponsored per step. You’ll be quids in and super-fit.

Auction of promises - Ask colleagues to come up with a promise – such as getting coffee for the whole team for a week or getting your boss to wear fancy dress or do a job swap. Auction the promises over the company intranet or on the staff noticeboard.

Run a quiz - Have a fundraising evening with a team quiz (maybe with a sports twist?!)

Matched giving - Ask your employer to match the cash you raise through your fundraising activities. This’ll help you rocket towards your target.

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