Harsha became involved with SportInspired this year, when him and colleague Isaac joined up as the team leads for the fundraising campaign at UBS. Together, they have been helping to organise the logistical side of the campaign, preparing events such as a cake bake sales and raffles. 

Harsha believes that community and togetherness should have a strong presence at UBS and says the partnership with SportInspired represents being able to make a positive difference to people's lives. 

"We are both enthusiastic about what fundraising for SportInspired can bring to both the children involved and the volunteering community at UBS." 

In addition to organising fundraising events at UBS, Harsha will be running the marathon in Prague on Sunday 5th May!  

Harsha is excited for the future of SportInspried and hopes that with help from institutions like UBS, it can get the platform it deserves in order to make a change in children's' lives across the UK.

Thank you Harsha for being an incredible volunteer!

If you would like to donate to Harsha running the Prague Marathon for SportInspired please click below.