With alignment, cooperation and commitment from local community stakeholders we inspire, teach and empower young people in both primary schools and secondary schools.

Primary Schools

We work with primary school children in areas where it’s needed the most, creating opportunity for them to find a sport they love and play it regularly, creating long-term active habits and improving their well-being.

Secondary Schools

We also train young people (“Young Leaders”) in secondary schools with key employability skills (leadership, teamwork and communication) and provide them with opportunities to lead our events and CSR partner volunteering opportunities.

The brilliance of our programmes is that often those young people we’ve met at primary school age, go onto be our Young Leaders. This has proven to us the power of sustainable actions and presence in communities, which exponentially improves the impact we’re able to make.

[insert a quote from someone from who’s done both - George mentioned that he has a programme that will be the first time he’s experienced that, so we may be able to target someone for this?]

 How Does it Work

SportInspired Programmes:


The SportInspired programmes operate in communities across the UK, each community is different hence each of our programmes are tailored to the specific needs of that community, following an award winning 3 stage process: