Our Young Leader Training gives 12-16 year-olds up to 24 hours of core skills training, 6 hours of festival event leadership experience and culminates in a Sports Leaders qualification. We are proud to say that feedback from our Young Leaders programmes has resulted in increased employability skills and self confidence among young people in various communities across the UK.

This programme delivers training through fun, engaging content and offers these young people a rare and valuable opportunity to gain practical leadership experience.

Our Young Leaders help to run a sporting festival for 250 children from their community, co-ordinating activities, troubleshooting and supporting the children to get as much out of the day as possible. The programme develops transferable skills such as leadership, team-work, resilience, problem solving and provides an excellent addition to an early stage CV.

Our Young Leaders work directly with children from the same area, creating confident communities with strong bonds.

Young Leader Impact:

78% of young people gain new skills 

74% of Young Leaders learn to be more confident and engaged with education

"Before the SportInspired programme I didn't think I was good enough to attend university, now I’m more confident about taking my GCSE’s and the future."

Mariah, age 13

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