In 2018, Lendlease joined forces with SportInspired to create lasting impact for communities in and surrounding the High Road West development. We united to create a programme for children and young people to learn about health and wellbeing in a fun and exciting environment.

Responding to community needs

36% of children in Haringey are living in poverty, and the area has one of the highest levels of childhood obesity in London.

Thanks to Lendlease, we were able to enhance our programmes to include nutrition, mental wellbeing and additional leadership qualifications.

We listened to what the Council and community needed and we responded.

310 primary school children from schools selected by Lendlease attended the festivals (aged 8-10)

43 young Leaders aged 13 – 16 ran the festivals 

90 children are now attending legacy sports clubs as a result

38% of young Leaders went on to coach sporting sessions in the local community post-festival

75% of primary school children felt more confident after the programme

44% of previously inactive children joined a sports club after the programme 

After our programmes, the word spread. The Council was keen to satisfy the extra demand from other local schools.

As a result, at the request of the Council, we extended the programme.

"In Haringey, antisocial behaviour is an increasingly visible problem, with young people feeling they have nothing to do.

Junior joined our Lendlease Young Leader programme in Haringey as a disruptive and disengaged 12-year-old, prone to negatively influencing others. We saw his leadership potential.

The Young Leader programme really brought Junior to life. At the festivals, we saw flashes of potential shine through as he coached and supported the primary school children in his team. He grew taller as he saw the positive impact his influence was having on kids he had never even met before. Now training for a Level 1 Sports Leadership qualification, we’re seeing him fully realise that potential."

George Kingston, SportInspired Senior Programme Manager 

"This programme helps me with my confidence and teaches me how to present myself in big groups and with people I’ve never met before– Junior, 15