We recognise how challenging it can be for Local Authorities to deliver impact in their communities against a backdrop of funding cuts. We take a bespoke approach to our partnerships and offer a detailed consultation to ascertain how our model can work for your communities.

Our flexible, high-value model means that modest investments will make a huge impact. Just one programme can reach:

  • 200+ primary school children (aged 8-10)
  • 30 young people (aged 11-15)
  • 100 volunteers (selected from your communities or strategic partners)
  • We use an ABCD model (Asset Based Community Development) to connect and empower local people and organisations to delivering inclusive programmes with long term impact.
  • Set up new, sustainable sports clubs in schools and in the community 
  • Generate positive community news
  • Deliver qualifications to young people and adults

In Barking and Dagenham, our flagship borough we are proud to have delivered exceptional outcomes.

"SportInspired's approach has provided the Council with a platform that brings all key stakeholders together and helps us to align our projects and initiatives. In a recent Games programme, 92% of the 900 young people came out more likely to take up sport, with improved team working skills and more confidence." - Andy Knight, Group Manager for Community, Barking & Dagenham Council 

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