SportInspired launched it's ‘Pathway Club’ campaign to achieve stronger results in the long-term attendance of sports clubs following Festivals and to build strong and sustainable connections for the most accessible sports providers to individual schools.

Based on learnings from our Barking and Dagenham programme the previous two years, we targeted sport clubs set up at year 4 pupils, this has achieved strong ongoing attendance at the newly created school-based clubs.

The Right Development Foundation – delivered in eight schools and as a result saw their club membership soar by 312% (from 17 members to 70 – 80)

Dagenham Rugby Club – which didn’t have any offerings in schools prior to our programmes, now delivers in 12 schools to 276 children.

TKJ Judo Club – went from running sessions in four schools to 10, increasing their in-school membership from 47 – 127 children.

The new B&D Athletics Club – has now been set up in partnership with SportInspired and delivers sessions in 11 schools to 190 children.

Ultimate Vision Sports delivered in four schools prior to our partnership and now deliver in 15 schools to 314 pupils.

In total SportInspired helped the borough's 13 priority sports clubs deliver to 159% more schools and 122% more pupils!

"The work SportInspired do for schools and the borough as a whole is vital in reducing the obesity epidemic, allowing students to access sport outside of PE lessons, allowing students to thrive and enjoy sports, giving students a focus when they are not at school and getting students into local clubs.  The work SportInspired do is incredible and has made such a difference to the lives of students within Barking and Dagenham."  James Morris, Head of Year 7, Goresbrook School, Dagenham 

*The results for these clubs were correct as at April 2017