Giving back to and connecting to the community is highly fulfilling and we are privileged to collaborate with many organisations who’s CSR objectives are aligned with our own and who’s volunteers thoroughly enjoy taking part and are able to bring lots of inspiration to the young people we work with.


Volunteer hours given to  communities in need across the UK


Average rating from volunteers involved in our programmes 



Outcomes for Business


The SportInspired programme has been shown to;

-        Boost staff morale and engagement

-        Develop new and existing leaders

-        Enhance internal relationships

-        Improve profile in local communities


Our Wonderful Partners


So far we have partnered with a range of organisations from corporate partners such as UBS, Barclays, Sky and Deloitte to local authorities Lendlease, Barking & Daggenham Council and L&Q.



“You see the kids coming in and some of them are as quiet as anything, withdrawn, and they go out and they are maybe six inches taller than they were when they came in, you know, just on a complete high.

Bob Thust, Marketing Director, Deloitte


Business & CSR Objectives we Meet


-        Deprived Young People training, development and employability skills

-        Improved youth physical and mental health

-        Community connection and development

-        Reduced anti social behaviour

Expectations from our Partners


-        Besides funding the programme, we encourage partners to involve themselves in the programmes and see the tangible change within communities first hand.

-        Support our ability to delivery programmes through total or partial funding

-        Provide volunteers to support games

-        Possible work experience opportunities for our Young Leaders