On 6th March 2019, 70 volunteers from Pentland, the company behind global names such as Speedo, Berghaus and Canterbury, joined us to inspire over 250 children living in Barnet at the Pentland Community Games!

The games were the first in our new partnership with Pentland. The full-day event aimed to increase physical activity levels and improve mental health by giving children the opportunity to find a sport they love in the hope that it will instil long-term active habits.

The day kicked off with some intense rock, paper, scissor games between the volunteers and Young Leaders, and then the primary school children experienced playing rugby, boxing, dodgeball and learning a pretty epic Pentland Haka which was performed on mass at the closing ceremony!









In addition to the Pentland volunteers, the day was supported by 20 student rugby players from Oxford and Cambridge University Rugby teams, who helped the children and young people learn how to play rugby whilst inspiring them to further their education.

We were also joined by professional rugby coaches from the Saracens Sport Foundation who brought along their premiership trophy! The children were in awe of coming face to face with the real-life trophy and were inspired by the opportunity to meet and speak to professional rugby coaches.

Pentland Brands and SportInspired will continue to work in partnership to bring together sports clubs and schools across the regions to build a lasting impact for school children in disadvantaged communities through grassroots sports.

Thank you Pentland and Varsity for an incredible day!