On September 22 and 28, SportInspired and partner UBS gave hundreds of children and young people the opportunity to thrive, make friends, and have fun through new team sports.

With over 200 primary school children in attendance on the 22 of September, we are looking forward to hosting a similar number next week on the 28th of September from various schools in the Hackney boroughs of London.

The children are aided by expert UBS volunteers and highly skilled secondary school students from The Bridge Academy who took on the role of 'Young Leaders' helping the children to stay motivated, learn a new sport, and boost their confidence through fun.  

The Kick off Festival was a day of sport where the children were able to experience playing wheelchair basketball, dance, boccia, volleyball, martial arts, and rugby. 

Looking forward to this week when we get to do it all again!

Sport Festivals are put on to emphasise fun and to help the kids emphasise lifting each other up. SportInspired is currently offering these programmes across the UK all summer and look forward to bringing our ‘Science of Fun’ philosophy to schools and children near you!

To get involved with our programmes as a volunteer or partner reach out to our CEO directly at [email protected].

Special thanks go to UBS for the instrumental support and funding required to design and deliver these Festivals.