At SportInspired we believe that Black Lives Matter.
We exist so that every child, regardless of background can develop the confidence and courage to follow their dreams. We know that because of deep-rooted inequalities, Black people in England and around the world are at a disadvantage, and we see this particularly within education and sport.

Sport England highlighted that just over half of Black people in England reach the recommended amount of physical activity every week. We promise to be part of the change in providing Black children, young people, and families with more opportunities using sport for development, and continue helping to build brighter futures.

We have taken this time to also look internally at how SportInspired as a charity can do more moving forward. Black Lives Matter, and therefore we will do our utmost to be fully inclusive, support BAME communities to recover from COVID-19 and create accessible opportunities.

Photo Credit: Sacree Frangine

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