On Tuesday 15th October 2019, 30 Bolder Academy Secondary School students took part in the Sky Bolder Games in Osterely alongside 70 Sky Cares volunteers and 230 local primary school students.

Bolder Academy, a proud partner of Sky, is dedicated to their students gaining more than just an education. Their goal is for every student to learn valuable skills, discover their passions and lead ambitious and happy lives with confidence and energy. 

The Sky Bolder Games did just that. By giving the 11 to 12-year-olds the responsibility and opportunity to put their skills to practice, they developed leadership qualities, built confidence and improved teamwork.

The students took on the role of Team Leaders or Assistant Sports Coaches, to inspire and support the 230 primary pupils throughout the day at the festival. They supported teams of up to 10 children, some of whom disliked sport or lacked confidence to get involved and encouraged them to find a sport they connected with.









“The energy of all the kids and the Bolder Academy students was brilliant!” Amy, Sky volunteer.

The Sky Bolder Games also saw a special Capoeira showcase at lunchtime where the coaches explained the songs and instruments used and performed the techniques used too!

Thank you Sky for an incredible day.