On 30th of November, SportInspired joined forces with partner DC Advisory to celebrate the end of November by giving young people the opportunity to experience some new team sports.

The festival took place in the Britannia Leisure Centre in Hackney and was a day of sport where the children and volunteers alike were able to experience playing dance, basketball, boccia, badminton, taekwondo, and rugby. 

With 170+ primary school children were in attendance from local schools including Hoxton Gardens, Thomas Fairchild, and Shacklewell; supported by young leaders from City of London Academy, and wonderful DC Advisory and Higgins volunteers!

A pair of students from Hoxton Gardens even had this to say about their new experience playing Rugby:

“The most fun I’ve had was Rugby because I’ve never played it before and thought it would be a way that I could show my confidence.”

“I liked rugby because I’ve never played it before, and I can show my family how to play it.”

As the day went on, the kids became more confident due to all the wonderful young leaders and volunteers alike with reviews even stating:

 “My favourite part of the festival was when at the start they weren’t very keen on it and at the end they didn’t want to stop!”(City Academy Young Leader)

“Today has totally exceeded my expectations. Seeing the kids come in and hyping them up about trying something they haven’t tried before and seeing them grasp it is so rewarding” – Amy (Volunteer)

The festival had glowing feedback with one of the teachers of our amazing young leaders even reporting “At the beginning the students were anxious, but once they found out they were there to inspire, they got more involved in some of the sessions they didn’t have a lot of previous experience in”

SportInspired continues to strive to put on Sport Festivals across the UK to help encourage children, young leaders, and volunteers alike to always lift others up and most importantly: to have a “welcoming atmosphere where everyone can get involved no matter the age” – Teacher City Academy


Special thanks go to DC Advisory for the instrumental support and funding required to design and deliver Sports Festivals.

To get involved with our programmes as a volunteer or partner reach out to our CEO directly at [email protected].

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