Citi celebrated its 14th annual Global Community Day on 6th June 2019 with 110,000 Citi volunteers in more than 400 cities across 90 countries and territories participating in service activities in their local communities!

In London, SportInspired partnered with Citi to launch the 2019 "Citi Community Games" at Shoreditch Park, Hackney.

The multi-sport festival harnessed the power of sport as a developmental tool for young people to promote long-term active habits, improve well-being and employability skills.









The day kicked off with an impressive cheer tunnel by almost 100 incredible Citi Volunteers who showcased great team spirit throughout the day supporting almost 300 children and young people to have an epic experience even with the unpredictable weather!

Sports included volleyball, dodeball, boccia, street dance, boxing and taekwondo! The children made huge banners to encourage their teams with team spirit such as prideful chants, dances and marching from game to game. 

A very special thank you to Sport England’s Mike Diaper for generously donating his time to present our two trophies, as well as Citi and all their volunteers for their unwavering dedication to our cause!