I welcome the Government’s push to tackle obesity. A policy announcement of this nature is long overdue. Covid-19 has shone a light on how dangerous obesity is, but we have been facing a growing obesity epidemic for decades. An epidemic that requires multi-faceted intervention to drive systemic change.

In 2007 the Foresight report made clear that “people in the UK are not more gluttonous…society has radically altered…with major changes in work patterns, transport, food production, and sales.”

It is not that people are just making bad choices. We live in a world that nurtures inactivity through cultivating and commercialising convenience over wellbeing.

We cannot overcome this surge in obesity by simply reiterating what we should and shouldn’t eat. Whilst we welcome this initiative we urge the government to go further, dig deeper into the obesogenic environment we live, and raise our children in.

We don’t have all the answers, but we do have an important part to play in tackling obesity. We are here to disrupt the negative or numb relationship so many children have with sport. We know that embedding healthy, active habits early are essential to protect future generations but we also know that so many children just do not enjoy sport.

This is not their fault; they simply haven’t experienced the enjoyment of sport and therefore are not motivated to maintain activity. This fun deficit is the biggest barrier to children and future generations being active, but few raise the issue.

Our model moves away from sporting proficiency that can alienate so many. Instead, we revolve around helping children find the levels of fun and enjoyment required to sustain activity.

If we could get an entire generation of children enjoying being active just imagine how different obesity levels would look. It’s not the complete answer but it is an important start and we hope the Government recognises the vital role enjoying activity will play in the fight against obesity.

Richard Raynes, CEO & Co-Founder of SportInspired.