Our SportInspired Games Manager, Felix, recently went to Colombia to make a positive impact on the children there and spread SportInspired's mission on a global scale.

Felix has been with SportInspired since 2012, traveling to Colombia on and off to run programs all over the world. When he got the opportunity to be an Activities Manager there and run SportInspired programs, he just couldn’t say no. Some of the projects Felix had a hand in while there were community English lessons, a jungle school, and a recycling project up and down the coast. According to Felix, “it’s the best job in the world!”

Apart from the beautiful weather and energetic people, Felix says his favorite part about being there was the SportInspired festivals. He went as far as to say that “festival days are the best thing ever!”

Felix revealed to us that there is very little money in Colombian education and little to no organized sport. Working with some broken hula hoops and cones, they managed to set up a weekly sport club on Fridays with 40 kids every week, earning an incredible response from the kids. Their next goal is to now find funding from a corporate sponsor in order to continue to grow the presence of sport there.

The most difficult part for Felix was that traditionally girls do much less activity than boys. So, they’ve been really focusing on engaging the girls in sport.

Felix concluded by saying they are "going to get every single kid regularly playing sport and see the difference that has in 5-10 years.”

Way to go, Felix!