On Thursday 5 March, SportInspired kicked off its festival season at Brixton Recreation Centre for the Lambeth Games!

SportInspired joined forces with partners Hymans Robertson and The Guinness Partnership to give children and young people the opportunity to thrive through sport. Over 180 primary school children were in attendance from four local schools including St Andrews, Vauxhall Primary, St. Helen's Catholic Primary and Van Gogh Primary School. 

The children were led by 30 secondary school students from Lambeth Academy who took on the role of 'Young Leaders' helping the children to stay motivated and get the most impactful experience.  

The Lambeth Games was a fun-filled day of sport where the children were able to experience playing volleyball, boccia, taekwondo, basketball, dance, and boxing. 

When we asked two of our young leaders what stood out to them most about the day, they said:

“The children's behavior and how they encouraged each other. The staff reacted so positively and the children had great attitudes.”  

The festival was a huge success thanks to our brilliant partners and their fantastic volunteers. Bethany, a Hymans Robertson volunteer said:

“Today has been a lot of fun! I’m really keen to encourage young girls to be involved in sport and to use team sports to build communication skills.”

We will continue this impact by setting up legacy sports clubs in all of the schools. We can’t wait to continue supporting and inspiring more children and young people throughout our festivals this season!