SportInspired has launched its new campaign ‘Year of Play’, with a plan to help UK children living in deprivation enjoy being active, re-unite with friends and overcome the damaging mental and physical health effects of lockdown.

During the pandemic, families living in the UK’s most deprived communities have had less space at home and in public places to exercise, and have faced increased food insecurity. After interviewing children in areas of high deprivation, SportInspired heard them say they felt ‘frightened’, ‘anxious’ and ‘depressed’ during Covid-19 lockdowns.

No child should feel this way.

This year, we will target thousands of children from approximately 200 schools in the UK’s most deprived areas with free sports-based development programmes. To help children find and take up a sport they enjoy, SportInspired will run multi-sports festivals at each school using local sports providers, before setting up and funding reoccurring clubs for the most popular sports. To bring children together and combat decreased levels of self-confidence after lockdown, the programmes will focus on fun, inclusivity and raising self-esteem.

The ‘Year of Play’ campaign will kickstart SportInspired’s mission to help all 9-year-olds In the UK’s most deprived areas to enjoy being active, reaching approximately 150,000 children annually by 2030.

How can you get involved?

WORK WITH US if your organisation wants to become a Year of Play partner. Your brand and employees can get involved with our mission - contact us to meet with our CEO Richard Raynes to discuss a bespoke partnership.

DONATE HERE to become a Year of Play Ambassador and join a community of people who believe sport and play have the power to change lives. You'll help us to boost the mental and physical wellbeing of children in the UK's most deprived areas and will receive campaign updates to see the change you've made in local communities. As a Year of Play Ambassador you will:

    • Receive regular updates on the Year of Play campaign
    • Hear directly from the children you are helping to support
    • Get first refusal on any upcoming event

FUNDRAISE for us by setting up your own challenges and events. We'll help you along the way!