Using our Games programme as a platform for change we can embed additional nutrition modules developed using the SportInspired ethos of FUN.

Our exclusive sessions deftly use sporting tools to deliver nutritional education and ensure that the children have fun while learning which deepens engagement and delivers results.

We can go further and take this learning to families to ensure key messages are taken home to the decision makers. We can set up programmes where we train the children then they train their families which can deliver great results.

"I told my parents about what we learned in class and I think they've learned now that it's better to eat healthily and it tastes better than junk food as well."

Olivia, 9, St Joseph's Barking Primary School

Impact from our Barking & Dagenham New Me nutrition programme: 

100% increase in children eating two portions of vegetables per day

100% Increase in children drinking 5 glasses of water a day

18% Reduction in kids not eating any vegetables

24% Reduction in kids eating sweet snacks

"I'm now eating vegetables every day and thinking more about what I should eat. I’ve told my parents to eat healthily, like if they ask if I want a McDonald’s, so that's changed what we eat at home and now we're healthier."

Jitambo, 9, Gascoigne Primary School

"The children's attitude to healthy eating has changed and they are taking an interest in what they eat. We are seeing healthier lunch boxes, better choices in the dinner line and less waste as they appreciate what importance the food they eat has."

Martin Rose, Ripple Primary School PE-coordinator