We use our belief in the power of FUN to teach children about nutrition through interactive sessions. We take this further by working with parents to ensure the knowledge is taken back in to the home.


The main aim of the Healthy Schools Programme is to support and encourage schools to develop and deepen their focus on health and wellbeing which will support the attainment, achievement and happiness of both their pupils, staff and wider school communities. 

All children and young people have a right to be healthy and to achieve at school and in life. Healthy Schools provides opportunities for enhancing emotional and physical aspects of health that will lead to improved health, reduced health inequalities, and increased social inclusion and will raise achievement for all. 

Healthier children do better in learning and in life. By enabling children and young people to make positive changes to their behaviour regarding health and wellbeing, schools help them reach their full potential in terms of achievement and fulfilment. They can also encourage good habits that will benefit children and young people both now and in the future. 

Healthy Schools is not just about children and young people, it is about involving the whole school community together with local services and agencies. And it is not just what happens in the curriculum but about the entire school day. 

NEW Healthy Living Programme

The nutrition programme involves delivery of a modular healthy eating and physical activity programme at the school

  • Utilises Active Alfie & Healthy Hana at school open days​
  • Incorporating Fruit Pursuit and Golden Mile into programmes offered to schools to increase physical activity levels​
  • A targeted Year 7 programme, developed in consultation with Year 7s