Before Covid-19 there were already 4.1 million children living in poverty in the UK. These numbers will rise dramatically in-light of the
pandemic with jobs lost and livelihoods threatened. The most vulnerable in our society are set to pay the highest price.

Challenges include:

  • An increase in mental health problems
  • An increase in physical health problems including a rise in obesity
  • Victims of trauma / bereavement
  • Feeling disconnected from society
  • Vulnerability to negative pathways
  • Disengagement with education

"I know it is a very scary time for people and some will be struggling with anxiety as well as the fact housing is so tightly packed. Most of our families live in very small flats, which will be crowded with everyone having to stay in.”

Kathryn, Primary School Teacher

Delivering our programmes looks a little different to normal at the moment. We have developed a range of Covid-19 Safe Programmes that still allow children to experience sport, develop confidence and increase their physical and mental wellbeing. 

"I would highly recommend getting involved with the virtual sport festival. The running is really smooth, and the kids get to learn lots of valuable sporting skills, getting a taste of lots of different sports in a really safe way. The kids absolutely loved it"

James Green, Head of School at Seabright

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