Sports Clubs and Bodies

We believe it’s important to be held to account by our stakeholders. This is why everyone at SportInspired strives for complete transparency in our service and why we always take every opportunity to improve what we do. Hence, below, in more detail, is what our sport club stakeholders can expect from us:

Benefits you can expect Ways we try to measure these benefits
I. Increase participation – support clubs to grow Number of new recruits/members found

How many tokens/discount vouchers used
II. Increase the profile for specific sports Number of local sports clubs showcased (especially important for non-mainstream sports)

Number of participants to compete in each sport
III. Increase local awareness of sports availability Assessment of how many participants knew each sport was available in their area

Assessment of how many participants have done that sport before
IV. Increase general club sustainability Facilitate volunteers who run sports clubs to share knowledge and ideas (inter club sharing and input from other volunteers)

Info shared regarding national bodies, facilitation around how best to access help for sports clubs
V. Deepen sports clubs’ relationships with schools and other community organisations Data shared with schools on which young people would like to play more of which sports

Info on clubs shared with schools, teachers supported to encourage young people to attend next training/meet

Facilitating opportunities for clubs to deliver in schools (e.g. satellite after school clubs, PE sessions)
VI. Exposure and new connections with local business people – to gather new ideas, knowledge and even sponsorship Games volunteers facilitated to share knowledge and ideas

Opportunities to explore local sponsorship

Below, in more detail, is what sports governing bodies can expect from us:

Benefits you can expect Ways we try to measure these benefits
I. Help community sports clubs align with the strategies of national governing bodies on increasing participation and profile Number of clubs supported to access available resources, including active communication with governing body
II. Opportunity for governing bodies to experience and influence grass roots profile building and recruitment Number of governing body representatives involved – as visitors or as direct actors in the Games

Below, in more detail, is what our leisure centre and parks stakeholders can expect from us:

Benefits you can expect Ways we try to measure these benefits
I. Help increase profile and awareness of centre/park Assessment of:

- How many participants use the facilities

- How many participants like the facilities

- Perceived benefits of the facilities
II. Help increase utilisation of centre/park Assessment of perceived barriers to use

How many tokens/discount vouchers used


  • We work with SportInspired because they know how to deliver for the community and for corporates.
    Nick Wright-Head Community Affairs, UBS
  • When I did 10 metres I felt great. I felt really happy when I did my 250. Everyone says “Well done” and “That’s great Lewis” and that makes me feel happy. It’s like an achievement of my life. It’s one of the best things I've ever done.
    Lewis Deller-Student at Valence Primary School
  • SportInspired’s Games aren’t just about having a fantastic day. It is great for business and delivers a foundation for promoting sports participation and accessing sport in the community, leaving a tangible and sustainable legacy we can all be proud of.
    Bob Thust-Marketing Director, Deloitte
  • You see the kids coming in and some of them are as quiet as anything, withdrawn, and they go out and they are maybe six inches taller than they were when they came in, you know, just on a complete high.
    Sky Volunteer
  • SportInspired’s approach has provided the Council with a platform that brings all key stakeholders together and helps us to align our projects and initiatives. In a recent Games programme, 92% of the 900 young people stated they were more likely to take up sport, had improved their team working skills, and had more confidence.
    Andy Knight-Group Manager for Community
  • I want to say how pleased me and my husband are about all the opportunities you have given my boy. He is really proud of himself and we are really proud of him as well.
    Mr. and Mrs. Williams-Barking and Dagenham Parents
  • Through working with SportInspired, I have gained many local contacts with schools, community clubs and local community. SportInspired has played a key role in helping to lay down a clear pathway to the community that will help further develop and inspire our children. Thames View Junior School has welcomed this with open arms, and so have many other schools in the Borough.
    Cameron Hall-PE Coordinator, Thames View Junior School
  • The games are great! It gives young people the opportunity to try a number of different sports and that is key. It has really raised the awareness of basketball in the community and has helped our school programmes grow from strength to strength.
    Barking & Dagenham Thunder Basketball Club
  • I had fun with my friends and it was the best day of my whole life!
    Stanley-Year 4 at Avonda
  • I deal with a lot of difficult customers on the phone, and whenever I get a difficult customer I just think of the day I was there and how happy the kids were.
    Sky Volunteer
  • Thanks for the amazing opportunity, the students loved it, and will remember it for a long time.
    Andrew Rogers-Teacher at Westminster City College
  • “SportInspired has become a key partner in the delivery of a lasting legacy of sports with our School Sports Partnership and its member schools. They clearly understand the needs of schools and young people when delivering their programmes, which are of the highest quality. We welcome any future involvement with the organisation and its employees, in helping to inspire a generation.”
    Craig Malkin-Sheffield School Sports Partnership


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