Third Sector

Efficient and effective means of promoting sport and activity to the community

SportInspired Games are useful to ‘third sector’ non-governmental organisations, charities and not-for-profit social enterprises as they act as a low-cost route to achieving sports participation and community development goals. This is especially useful to those organisations who aim to help foster a more positive youth culture and those who want to tackle problems associated by a perceived lack of things to do for young people.

We believe it’s important to be held to account by our stakeholders. This is why everyone at SportInspired strives for complete transparency in our service and why we always take every opportunity to improve what we do. Hence, below, in more detail, is what our third sector stakeholders can expect from us:
Benefits you can expect Ways we try to measure these benefits
I. Opportunity for charities and NGOs to share their sport, youth and community development activities and strategies with the community Numbers of youth organisations, sports clubs and other community stakeholders with whom such activities and strategies are shared
II. Opportunity to align Community Games design with specific charity and NGO goals An alignment briefing to demonstrate links
III. Opportunities to offer careers advice, work experience and school trips for young people Relationships between charities/NGOs and youth organisations are brokered
IV. Provides charities and NGOs with a low-cost route to achieving goals regarding community development The Games are delivered at low cost to the charities and NGOs involved

Charities and NGOs share in the successes delivered


  • Shoreditch Trust have been working with SportInspired for more than two years in a mutually beneficial partnership to deliver more sports opportunities for local people in the community. They have proved to be an excellent partner for us, both in terms of the quality of what they deliver and their ethos and approach. In the time we have worked together they have grown the organisation quickly and effectively, with purpose and vision. They have delivered a number of high quality events that many young people and their families have benefited.

    I strongly believe that with appropriate support they can build on their success even further and widen and broaden the opportunities they make available. I recommend them to you and hope you agree to provide them with funding.
    Damian Atkinson-Director of Education and Learning (August, 2009)
  • Once again, not only have the volunteers from our corporate partners relished the opportunity of taking part in these Community Games –particularly enjoying breaking down barriers between youth in the inner-city boroughs and adults working in the city – but we understand that many of the participants got to try a number of sports for the first time and that the community sports clubs involved have gained new members. These latter outcomes point to the legacy that SportInspired’s Community Games has started to deliver.

    If given the right support and encouragement… I believe that it could be possible for SportInspired to diffuse their innovative approach across the entirety of London and even beyond. This would engage businesses in community projects, local people in sport, community sports clubs in large recruitment events and generate the sort of grass roots sports development that our country desperately needs. Hence, it is with pleasure that I write this note to commend the work of SportInspired.
    Saskia Nelson-Deputy Executive Director, London Legacy 2020 (August, 2009)


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