Our Purpose

Why we exist: We want a world where children and young people live lives they love, believing they can achieve anything.



Our Vision

What we are striving to become: We want to make SportInspired Britain’s most effective and impactful community transformation platform, supporting communities in need.

We use youth sport as a vehicle to realise community transformation and are here to create lasting change, with young people at the epicentre of bringing communities together to ignite lasting change. [EM Note - I appreciate this is additional, but I think we should keep this in]



Our Mission

What we do: Our programmes are a platform for social change. We connect communities and support children and young people through the power of sport, developing their skills and improving their physical and mental wellbeing.


[note from Supratim - this section is to be given further thought/ logic, potentially with B&D proof points]


Our Values

Values are extremely important at SportInspired: Our core values that we apply as a team and bring to the work we do all members of the communities we work with. Our values are fun, innovative, impactful and inspiring.

[EM note - do we want to go into more detail on why these are our values?]