The 'Young Leader' programme will focus on developing the Young Leaders’ confidence and core skills such as teamwork, communication and leadership which they will put into practice at an exciting multi-sport festival for local primary school children.  

Young People training received

  • Young Leader Sports Qualification 1 and or 2 - on 18 week courses
  • Vocational skills training
  • Provided opportunity to run large-scale events
  • Post festival training enables long term embedding of skills gained

Outcomes for Young People

    • gain valuable skills in organisation, team working, leadership and communication
    • be given responsibility and recognition leading to increased confidence, resilience and self-esteem
    • opportunity to excite, support, motivate, challenge, nurture and inspire, the local primary school children to try, enjoy, and take up locally available sports
    • connect with local businesses volunteers (with the opportunity for ongoing mentoring)
    • build/enhance relationships with other schools in your local community

To find out how your school can get involved with one of our Young Leader programmes 

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