We get children, even those who never engage in sport excited about activity.  We concentrate on making it FUN and set up a  legacy sports clubs to kick-start active habits.


The standard SportInspired Community Programme has three stages tailored to introduce children to sport, inspire them to take up a sport they enjoy and creating the supportive environment around them to enable them to practice it in a sustainable way. 

Phase 1 - Co-Create: 

We recruit local community partners – schools, children, sports clubs, local businesses – we learn about their needs, and together we ‘create’ the variety of elements to make up the Community Programme. 

Phase 2 - The Games:

The inspiring high impact sports festival brings together all stakeholders. The 220 participating primary school children typically come from up to 5 local schools. These children integrate on a level playing field that only sport can provide. In teams, they get to experience the excitement of new sports available in their local community often never seen in their school before. For example, Kung Fu, Parkour and Archery demonstrate the wide range of sports available. Each child is supported to have fun regardless of ability, confidence or experience, creating a lasting positive attitude towards sport.  

Phase 3 - Legacy: 

Following the festival, we work with the community partners to turn the inspiration from the day into action and longevity. We promote sporting clubs and set up new ones for children and young people to participate in ranging in length from 6 weeks to 20 weeks. At the end of this time children are encouraged to join their local sports club ensuring continuity of physical wellbeing.




90% of children who arrive saying they don’t like sport leave the day confirming they found at least one sport they would like to play again  

25% of children take up a sport at the school or local community after the festival  

100% of schools want to take part in a festival again