Part of our mission is to help every child find a sport they love and want to continue for years to come, even for those who don’t consider themselves ‘sporty’.

Outcomes for the children

SportInspired introduces children to a variety of sports and uses sport to build confidence, enhance resilience

  • Improve physical and mental health
  • Expose young children to inspiring role models
  • Improve behaviour in schools
  • Boost connection to their community

Our award winning approach helps schools to build on existing strengths and community assets to help meet and exceed OFSTED targets. In 7 years we’ve helped nearly 350 schools deliver 201 programmes, which we have been able to provide for free with thanks to support from business and local authority partners

From the SportInspired Games, 98% of the children involved find a sport they want to continue, whilst developing teamwork, communication skills and confidence. What’s more, 95% of teachers we work with recommend us to their colleagues and friends.


Primary Schools Programme 


What it involves  

  • Host a ‘Team Spirit Workshop’ in your school
  • Attend an inspirational 1 day multi-sport festival
  • Host a FREE organised legacy sports club in your school for a true sustainable impact



The kids that attended the festival have all been more engaged in many areas, even six months later.

Primary School Teacher Katie - Takeda - Wellbeing Festival

“To have a whole class taking part in an event that is amazing for us. So even the kids that think they are not so great, they enjoy taking part. Because they see other kids at their level. Their confidence grows.

Primary School Teacher Florin - UBS Hackney 2018

If this is something your school would love to be a part of, we’d love to hear from you.

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