The SportInspired Community Programme builds confidence and life skills, increases enthusiasm for sport, focuses on team spirit rather than performance and connects young people to local sports clubs. 

The FREE Community Programme take place over one year following your group of pupils from the start through all stages of the programme which is split into four sections;

1. Team Spirit Workshop

SportInspired will visit the school to get the children excited about the festival, (even those who don't like sport!) and teach them all about team spirit.  Activities include creating awesome team names, chants and banners.

2. Multi-Sport Festival

Pupils will take part in a high-excitement, mixed sex, mixed ability, multi-sport festival where they sample six different sports available locally. Everything is set up to help all kids have maximum fun, and to generate the best team spirit possible (rather than the usual focus on performance) throughout. The ultimate aim is for every pupil to be inspired to find a sport they enjoy and want to do again, available locally, so they are able to take it up.

3. Legacy Sports Clubs

To convert the inspiration from the festival into action, we engage a local sports club from the festival of your choice, to deliver 20 weeks of 1-hour coaching sessions in your school (for free!). This will be either before school, at lunchtime or after school.

4. Surveys and Case Studies

To help our programmes to be completely free for schools, it is important we demonstrate evidence of their success. We therefore monitor the children’s health, well-being and confidence in class throughout the programme.  This is done by collecting surveys from the teacher and all the children involved before the festival, after the legacy club, at 3 and 6 months, plus case studies from 2-3 children are done at the same time.   

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