CEO and Co-Founder 

Inspired by his time as chairman of the Shoreditch Sharks kids’ rugby club, Richard decided to follow his passion for helping shape the future of young people through sport. Out of an inspiration to drive social change and a frustration at the current state of the grassroots sports landscape in the UK, SportInspired was born: a charity harnessing the power of sport to show children and communities that with the right belief and support they can achieve great things.

In 2007, Richard ran the first ever SportInspired event in Hackney, and has gone on to build a powerful movement dedicated to young people’s wellbeing. Since then, SportInspired has set up grassroots sports clubs across the UK and provided consistent, much-needed intervention in some of the nation's hardest-hit communities, including throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Richard believes that sport is one of life's most powerful drivers for change, and that it can instil a vital self-belief in all of us that can result in a positive outlook for the future. 


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