4.1M Children live in poverty in the UK
40% Children in England's most deprived areas are overweight
81% Children living in poverty don't participate in sports clubs

SportInspired exists so that every child, regardless of background can develop the confidence and courage to follow their dreams.

In the UK, 4.1 million children live in poverty, facing an uphill struggle to live healthy, happy lives.‚Äč The wellbeing of these children, a fundamental human right, is compromised.

These children can fall into a vicious cycle from an early age. Consequences include poor health and low academic attainment along with a depleted sense of purpose, low aspirations and confidence.

Children growing up in poverty are three times more likely to suffer mental health issues and twice as likely to face obesity than their more affluent peers. These children are less likely to be active, less likely to achieve high grades and more likely to engage in anti-social behaviour.

Sport has the power to overcome the consequences of poverty, raise aspirations and unite communities.

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