Tunde and Gavin, both 16, have taken part in our Greenwich Community Games programmes for four years. Before their first festival, both were nervous about working with children of mixed ability. Gavin did a fantastic job leading his team of children, thanks to the training he received and the support of volunteers. Tunde remarks that “it makes you happy within yourself to see them enjoy themselves”.​

​Tunde constantly adapted his approach to engage every child. Gavin adds that it wasn’t just the children they had to adapt to – they also met parents, teachers and volunteers and had to learn how to communicate with these different groups as well.​

Since starting the programmes, Tunde and Gavin have looked for more opportunities to volunteer with younger children, and now help run school sports days during the summer. They both say the skills they learned on the SportInspired programme boosted their confidence and equipped them to be inspirational leaders. They recently helped to raise £2,000 for homeless young people in a school charity project.​

Tunde and Gavin with teacher Carol.​

With their GCSEs coming up, both are now looking to the future. Gavin wants to be a civil engineer, and Tunde a physiotherapist or a journalist. Both say they will take the skills they have learned through the programmes with them. Gavin now feels confident talking to anyone he meets, no matter what walk of life they come from – a skill that will stand him in good stead in a professional services setting.​

​We’ve loved watching Tunde and Gavin grow from nervous 12-year-olds to confident, inspirational  young men, and can’t wait to see what they do next.