"UBS values its partnership with SportInspired because they develop and execute programmes that create lasting community change, engage employees and meet our community engagement objectives." Nick Wright, Managing Director, Global Community Affairs 

"Since 2008 the UBS-SportInspired relationship has been a flagship part of our community programme. We are very proud of our role in their journey from delivering locally in Hackney, to nationally across the UK and Ireland.  

We used to find it difficult to do volunteering at scale while making a real and sustainable impact on communities, without compromising quality. Engaging in SportInspired’s Games is a proven and powerful way for UBS to achieve all this, while supporting our core values and bringing real business impact. It encourages and reinforces collaboration and team-working, and is fantastic for employee skills development (including project management for our graduates). 

UBS relies on high-quality partners, and the SportInspired Games model and its delivery are stronger than ever. We simply would not dream of doing something like this without SportInspired….and of course our staff have fun and love it."


"The idea that sport can really make a difference in children’s lives has definitely rubbed off on a lot of my colleagues and I know that they will be there next year. I am genuinely inspired by what you guys do” Alex, Operations, UBS