We  show children, young people and communities that with the right belief and support they can achieve great things and thrive.

We  are a platform for social change; connecting a diverse community of stakeholders to create sustainable networks that help children and young people from deprived communities.  Our programmes instil self-belief, increasing activity levels, improving mental wellbeing and bringing, (often fractured) communities together in new and engaging ways.


How We Do It




We recruit primary & secondary schools, local sports clubs and volunteers from geographic areas of high deprivation best aligned with our funding partner(s).

Primary Schools - Pre-festival training is delivered for Team Spirit, with options for nutrition and mental wellbeing sessions. 

Secondary Schools -
We also train local teenagers as Young Leaders to deliver festivals, building confidence and employability skills, whilst gaining leadership experience and qualifications.


An epic day of fun for all, introducing 200 children to a range of locally available sports where the biggest trophy on the day is for Team Spirit.

Primary School -  Children under the direction of SportInspired,  volunteers, young leaders and local sports providers try out 6 new sports aiming to find a sport they love.

Secondary School - Young Leaders use their new leadership skills to motivate and encourage the primary school children.




To convert the inspiration achieved at the festival into ongoing sports participation in the local community.

Primary Schools - We fund and set up  legacy sports clubs with local sports providers, for the children who attended the festival and monitor changes in activity levels over 6 months.

Secondary Schools - By instilling purpose and belief in our previously disengaged Young Leaders, we help them to be at the heart of building a community that everyone can really feel a part of.