An ambitious programme that uses the power of urban sport to transform the future of young people and the community in North Glasgow.

Children and young people engaged

In partnership with

Scottish Canals
Glasgow Canal Project
Skateboard Scotland
Glasgow Life
Glasgow City Council
Hymans Robertson Foundation

About the Youth Urban Games

Our Approach

Based on a tested social change methodology, involving the running of urban sports festivals and promotion of an array of activities, leadership training and a Glasgow-wide engagement of young people and businesses, we will guide the city through an inspirational journey.

The Goal

The ultimate goal of the programme is to support North Glasgow’s young people to live fuller, healthier lives and to connect and empower the community around a common goal - delivering a world-class urban sports event in 2021.

The Pilot Project

The first step of our journey is to run an 18-month pilot programme as proof of concept. Five urban sports festivals will be run as part of a holistic programme of community change. The pilot programme will engage all schools in North Glasgow, involving 1,000 primary school children, 150 young leaders and the wider community.

The difference we are making for

Young leaders

The young leaders involved in the Festival started out with core skill scores below the average levels SportInspired has observed at national scale.
Following their training and delivery of the Festival, their confidence, communication and team work skills had improved significantly.

“I felt the help from the young leaders was a very positive influence. I had a lot of big characters with me especially boys and they seemed to have a very mature attitude to teamwork and effort with help from those children.”
- Miss. McMullen, Caldercuilt Primary School

Primary school students

Going into the festival, nearly 30% of primary school children were inactive. By the end of the day, a considerable 59% of children listed Parkour as their favourite activity – proving that the opportunity to try urban sports can fuel enjoyment from an early age.

“During the festival one child in particular stood out due to their unexpected engagement in all tasks! Until the Youth Urban Games Festival, this child, had not participated in Physical Education lessons due to her lack of self-esteem and confidence. However, I was bursting with pride to see her have a go at every station and ultimately enjoy sport!”
– Miss. Reid, St Mary’s Primary School


The volunteers rated their experience of participating in the programme at an average of 9.7 out of 10, all stating they felt more connected to their colleagues as a result. 94% expressed a desire to volunteer at one of the future Festivals.

“I would describe the volunteering as a thoroughly worthwhile event. It gives you the opportunity to use or develop skill sets that you never knew you had or don’t use often. It allows you to put yourself out of your comfort zone for the good of others and is rewarding knowing that your time really does make a difference.”
- Frank Jameison, Hymans Robertson Volunteer